Joan will help you with your closet madness & the Stress of having a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear!  Have you ever gone shopping, but come home with nothing or bought something only to discover that you already had it or one very similar in your closet, but had forgotten that you had it in there?

Joan will conduct a wardrobe analysis in your closet, helping you decide what items need to be discarded, donated and what items to keep.  She will teach you how to “shop” in your closet and to put clothing pieces & accessories together for beautiful outfits.

She will also suggest future purchases of additional clothing to help you feel confident and well put together!


With her years of experience as a professional organizer, Joan will assist you in organizing your closet to best suit your needs. It will be easier than ever before to locate items for fast and easy dressing!

Do you ever wish you had an expert shopping partner?

Joan’s shopping skills will help you through figuring out what looks Best!

As your personal shopper, Joan will help you choose items that enhance your natural beauty & make you look even more gorgeous than you already are! 

Helping you think “outside of the box,” you’ll learn how to try on new styles you’d never dare without the guidance of a stylist.

Lashes, Lips & Beauty Tips Parties for Bridal Showers, Women's Retreats, and BFF Girl Get-Toge​thers.

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