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Joan D. Hampton


Expert, personalized residential and commercial property management services tailored to your unique needs throughout South Carolina.



Joan D. Hampton is the CEO of The Total Woman Teaching Series under Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries, a nonprofit organization based in South Carolina. With over 25 years of dedicated service, Joan has established herself as a prominent event speaker, wardrobe stylist, and passionate advocate against domestic violence, making a substantial impact on the lives of women across South Carolina and beyond.

As an ordained minister with a B.A. in Theology from Truth Bible College and Seminary, Jacksonville, Florida, Joan combines her spiritual insights with practical wisdom to empower and uplift her audience. Her expertise extends to her role as CEO of Property Management by Joan, LLC, where she demonstrates her adeptness in leadership and property management.

A native of Lane, South Carolina, Joan is married to Richard Hampton, Sr., a retired police officer and Pastor. Together, they are proud parents of three sons: Justin, Trevor, and Richard, Jr. Joan's commitment to her faith, family & community, and diverse professional endeavors exemplify her role as a dynamic leader and an inspiring figure in both the religious and secular spheres.

"I'm committed to motivating women to reach their full potential to become the "The Total Woman" that the Creator made them to be." 
 - Joan


The Total Woman Teaching Series (TTW) is a women's empowerment network and spiritual support group that focuses on the cultivation of "the Fruit of the Spirit" in the lives of women ages 18 and older.

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