Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries

118 Commerce St., Sumter, SC

Our Theme: I am the Good Shepherd, the Good Shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. - St. John 10:11

The mission of Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries (GSOM) is to provide Christian ministries and outreach services to enhance the spiritual, educational, and socioeconomic conditions of all people with an emphasis on women and children.


GSOM is a non-profit corporation, duly incorporated under the laws of the State of South Carolina, and is conferred with tax-exempt status as defined under section 501(c)(3) in the Internal Revenue Code. 


GSOM is a definite and distinct Ecclesiastical Government controlled and managed by a Board of Directors comprised of three ministry members and two appointed community leaders that volunteer to serve.  The Board is the authority in all spiritual matters affecting the corporation and shall use the scriptures of the Holy Bible as the ultimate source of their authority. The Board may also appoint committees and sub-committees as deemed necessary.


The formal code of doctrine and discipline is based solely on the teachings of the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. 


Financial donations to GSOM are tax-deductible. Personal checks and money orders should be payable to: Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries. Donations can be mailed to Good Shepherd Outreach Ministries, P.O. Box 3038, Sumter, South Carolina 29151 or submitted online (click donate button below).



Ministry Schedule

The Taught Word

Every Saturday - 12:00 pm


Praise & Intercessory Prayer (PIP)   

Every Wednesday -12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

GSOM Thrift Store

By appointment 


GSOM Community Food Pantry   

By appointment


GSOM Crisis Shelter



* Volunteers Are Always Welcomed *




We value your opinion, please email all booking requests, comments, and inquiries pertaining

to the Outreach Services using the form below. We would love to hear from you!



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